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October 6, 2020
Buy, Buy, Buy!

Ever wondered why you end up spending way more than you planned when you go into a physical store?

That’s because everything in a retail store is set up to get you to spend more.

From the store layout all the way down to the color of ink they use to show the prices.

It’s all chosen specifically to get you to buy more.


Many of us know why milk is placed in the back of grocery stores– so you have to walk past other merchandise before getting your milk.

Which is a great opportunity to get you to buy something else along the way.

Stores are purposefully set up like mazes to get you to walk past all of their other marketing attempts.


Why do prices seem to all end in 99 cents?

Because the brain will look at the number in front of the 99 cents and subconsciously perceive the price as lower.

Why are sale prices shown in red?

Because bold contrast between the sale and original prices subconsciously makes the brain focus on the difference and see the sale price as lower and favorable.

Why does the Large™ cost only 50 cents more than the Medium™?

Because the Medium only exists to sell more of the large.


There are many subconscious things retailers do to try to sell more.


Is it ethical to utilize these psychological tricks?

Now that we have exposed a few retail secrets, If you don’t receive another J2DAY from us,

that means the super-secret retail marketing organization has got us!*


*Jokes, the super-secret retail marketing organization doesn’t exist.