J2 Marketing Twitter

Lest you think tweeting is a silly business practice, or even not worth learning the ins and outs of @s, #s, and RTs, we want to share our story to change your mind. Way back in March, we heard about this wonderful thing called Startup Weekend. Startup Weekend is a 54 hour event where entrepreneurs and techies alike get together and build tech based businesses. The event is filled with excitement, learning, and teaching. Participants build not only businesses, but networks, communities, and friendships. Needless to say, we instantly wanted to be a part of it. So, we did what any responsible business person would do, we tweeted.

We simply asked, “How can we help?” A couple days later, we received an email followed by a tweet back. This is where the fun began. We were able to meet with two really great people, Brendan Daly and Melissa Parker. They are both in the ESTEEM Program at Notre Dame. We discussed ways we could help, by reaching out to media, blasting on social media and talking with others who might be interested. The next thing you know, we became a three man team (Kyle, Erik, and Bryce) at Innovation Park on the campus of Notre Dame. We were taking photos, videos, talking, helping, learning, meeting new people, and having a good time. During the last hours of the weekend, just before the final pitches, we showed a video we made of the event. A recap video of sorts. That caught the attention of certain decision makers at Notre Dame. So, we talked with them as well.

Long story short, we’re now shooting, editing, and delivering video for several departments in Notre Dame, and we’re excited about it.

You can see how a simple tweet can lead to a wildfire of connections, exposure, and ultimately, success. So go tweet!

If you’re interested in Startup Weekend, here are some great resources: