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May 26, 2021
$8 Coffee

Why would someone pay $8 for two cups of coffee?

  • Someone close to you wanted to check it out.
  • It’s the market price.
  • Caffeine headache.
  • The marketing pieces were appealing.
  • Least expensive option on the menu.
  • It was a special occasion.
  • The price wasn’t clearly listed.
  • Fear of missing out.
  • To support a local business.
  • We thought it was complimentary.
  • Keep up appearances.
  • Running an experiment.
  • In order to stay awake.
  • Complementary adjacent behavior (they like coffee, they like trying new places).
  • Get a topic for a J2DAY.

Some of the things that may get less attention?

  • Where one lives.
  • Where one shops.
  • The road one drives down.
  • The news one reads. And if they read all the way to the bottom of the article.

On their own, it might not be enough to move someone to a purchase. But often a decision is more complex than “I spent $8 on this coffee because I wanted to.”

It’s an escalation of commitment.

In our Monday Morning Meeting, some of our J2OOSIERS pointed out that it’s not an outrageous price for two cups of coffee.

But it’s not for everyone.

It’s for a very specific set of someones.

And understanding how they come to their decision is important to consider when creating the experience and highlighting the need.