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May 18, 2021
$10 for Your Thoughts

Let’s pretend I have $10 to give you.

Scenario A: I give you $5 and then give you an additional $5
Scenario B: I give you $15 and then take back $5

The end result is the same.

They feel way different.


In scenario A you might feel like I’m a generous person, while in scenario B you might feel like I’m greedy.

And in both, you’re still $10 richer than before.

It’s an objective reality + a subjective experience.

What happened vs what I was expecting to happen.

How I understand the world to operate influences how I actually experience it.

It creates feelings in us that change and develops the reality around us.

It’s why people invest in marketing.


The story we tell about a product or service matters because it affects the way we engage with it.